Freedom! · July 05, 2008
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Freedom shirts. Doggy pads were used on the outdoor chairs because we left them out in the rain - oops.
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 Wyatt enjoyed his first 4th of July celebration Page style.  We went to Tamara's parents for hotdogs, burgers, and chicken along with chips, mac 'n' cheese, and birthday cake and ice cream for Grandpa (he was actually born on June 29th).  We then had a rain delay for Uncle Joshua's fireworks show, but we finally got it going and had a great time.  Wyatt held a sparkler for the first time under very, very close adult supervision (multiple adults in fact).  He did fine, loved it, and quickly learned to put the spent sparklers in the cup of water.

Unfortunately, Wyatt also broke out in hives -everywhere.  We are puzzled about the cause, and they are still not gone today.  We have narrowed it down to the vaccines or the six dogs (4 visiting) at Grandma's and Grandpa's, but who knows?  He has had minor outbreaks of hives since we first met him.