Sand and Surf! · July 13, 2008

Some very generous relatives have paid for us to visit the beach this summer.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Wyatt is enjoying himself immensely.  We think just being out of the van has been a treat.  He is now jumping into the pool - still requiring two floatation devices, and he has fallen in love with the ocean. 

We are staying in both sides of a duplex.  17 people are here, and we are hoping for another to join us on Wednesday.  The adults outnumber the kids - always a bonus. 

Last night we were accused of racism when we attempted to send the "little people" (aka Wyatt and Julia) to bed before the other kids.  Jonathan (Tamara's brother) said we are racists because we are sending our Chinese children to bed while the white children are allowed to stay up.  He does have a good sense of humor.

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Road Trip! The kids handled the long drive very well. When Wyatt got too rowdy, we popped in a Go Fish CD, and he enjoyed singing along. He has almost learned his alphabet and did most of it in Target while playing with an electronic alphabet book. Yep, we bought it!
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