Vacation Recap · July 18, 2008

We are headed home tomorrow and will post more pictures later, but this is the vacation recap.

  • the kids caught jellyfish in the ocean
  • Wyatt loved hanging out in the pool.
  • Julia couldn't get enough of the pool.
  • Savannah is bringing home a new pet (if it is even still alive) - a hermit crab.  We are hoping this works out for Savannah.  The only other time she has chosen a pet, it was a cat who refused to use a litter box and is now exiled from the house despite her lack of front claws.
  • Evening games of Catch Phrase and Trivial Pursuit
  • whiffle ball on the beach
  • major algae in the water
  • jellyfish alerts
  • the best sand we have ever walked through
  • pool relays
  • private pool
  • contests for biggest splash and best pose when jumping into the pool
  • Julia's junk food - bought by Grandpa. She and Wyatt have him wrapped around their little fingers.
  • The Ultraman action figure we bought in China was somehow decapitated.  Wyatt is definitely not gentle with his toys.
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