hoarding ice cream doesn't work · July 30, 2008
Okay, so Wyatt has a slight hoarding issue.  He loves ziploc bags and stuffs them full of goodies, and then sometimes we know what happens to them, sometimes we don't. Yesterday, Tamara worked a full day, so the kids stayed with Grandpa.  Wyatt and Julia were still sleeping early yesterday morning when we headed out the door, so their breakfasts were sealed in ziploc bags and ready to go with them.  Wyatt's bag contained Fruit Loops (the breakfast of champions, yeeah).  After arriving to pick them up, Grandma mentioned that Grandpa told her that Wyatt had a bag stuffed with candy.  Upon inspection of his backpack, Tamara found the Fruit Loops bag with Fruit Loops and several butterscotch hard candies and Whoppers and M&Ms.  Further inspection revealed that he had an ice cream bar in his backpack.  It was not fairing so well and had to be removed.  Wyatt seemed shocked when Mom took his ice cream to the trash.  Hoarding does not surprise us, and Wyatt does not do it to an extreme, but ice cream just can't be hoarded.
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and the pictures have nothing to do with our post today

These were taken on the bike ride tonight.  Wyatt loves the bike, and Julia is quite speedy on it.  Wyatt's helmet is an adult helmit that he loves to wear.  It would not be useful in an accident, but he thinks it is great.  This particular helmit actually belonged to Pa (Wyatt's paternal grandpa).  Pa went to Heaven six years ago on Savannah's birthday.

Yes, Savannah is riding a bike much too small, but she says it keeps her slow enough to stay with the little people.  We do need some new bikes.  Zachary has outgrown his, and Wyatt could use a real bike. 

Hermit crab update:

These little buggers are just not easy to keep.  Starblaze did not survive the journey home, so we did buy some more hermit crabs on Monday.  One of them is as cute as can be and very active.  The other one is...well... dead.