and the winner is... · August 06, 2008

Wyatt's birth certificate arrived today! (The Kentucky Registration of Foreign Birth - note the Kentucky blue chosen for the announcement.

You may remember a post a few weeks ago where we started the race to receive Wyatt's Kentucky birth certificate and his foreign adoption registration.  You may also recall that if we were betting people, this news would mean that we would be owing some money.  So, it is with much surprise that this announcement is made, and it comes with a few more surprises:

1.  His city and province are listed on the birth certificate even though we did not list the city on the application.  This is surprising because Julia's birth certificate only lists her province and it is in the wrong place on the certificate. When we inquired about having the city added and correcting the province information, we were informed that it would require a court order - clearly not worth it.

2.  All of the documents submitted with the application to verify the information were returned to us.  They did not do this with Julia's application, so we did not send any of the original documents.  We copied every necessary document and had them notarized as copies.

Just a couple of other interesting details - both applications were sent on July 24th (our 15th wedding anniversary), and the birth certificate arrived today (August 6th which happens to be Tamara's birthday).

We did receive our birth certificate application back last Friday because, get this...the notary did not write "2008" on it when she dated her signature.  It did not matter that they had five, yes five other documents in their hands notarized by the same person on the same day - not to mention that Wyatt has only been in the country since June. What other year could it have been? Anyway, they still beat the other office.

Wyatt's drawing of what he did this summer.

In other news:

Wyatt's back to school day is Friday.  This is the day he goes to meet the teacher and take all his supplies to school.  A letter arrived from the teacher last Friday asking for a photo of Wyatt's family and a drawing by him of what he did this summer.  While he understands more and more English everyday, we could not explain to him that his teacher would like this drawing, so we called our agency to have someone tell him in Mandarin that he will be starting school and that he needs to draw this picture.  It was interesting.  Wyatt kept nodding on the phone and verbalized very little.  He did indicate that he understood but seemed totally taken aback by the fact that someone was speaking Mandarin to him for the very first time since June 20th.  In the end we got the picture above. Plan A was to call back and have him tell the translator what he drew so that we could share it with the teacher.  We are going with Plan B which was constructed after the drawing.  We will assume that it is water and send a photo of him playing in the pool along with the drawing. 

When we were in China, Wyatt did a beautiful drawing which was an attempt to mimic a drawing Andy did of a pig's face.  However, Wyatt did a couple of drafts first, and they looked nothing like the finished product.  He also colored carefully in his coloring book.  The problem is that we are in America now, and he wants to watch Spongebob or get to the pool. Paper and crayon work is just not appealing.  We may need some prayers to go up that he will follow the lead of the studious kids in school and buckle down for the work.