Going, going, gone · August 09, 2008

Did you ever think that you just couldn't have something nice?

When we were in China, we made two special purchases - an embroidery that Tamara saved for over the last three years and a happy family jade ball.  The jade ball is one piece of jade carved into nesting balls each representing a generation of a family with the oldest generation protecting the others.  We loved the symbolism and bought this piece in the jade factory in Beijing which is supposed to be reputable. The purchase was made after several minutes of discussion over not being able to afford one for each of the kids and that it would be an heirloom so which child would inherit it - that kind of thing.  We finally decided that this would ultimately belong to Zachary as the oldest son.

Well, today, while cleaning, Andy noticed the ball was shattered.  Clearly someone was responsible for this and when questioned, it became apparent that Julia had some information on what happened, though she would not say what because she was afraid of getting in trouble. We assured her that she is more valuable to us than this jade ball, but she must be truthful. In the end, the story was that "someone wanted to look at the ball and see if it would bounce, but it broke."  Was that someone Julia?  Initially, she insisted it was not, but ultimately she ended up admitting that she did it and that she didn't "recognize that it was special for Zachary."  Yes, she did use the word "recognize."

Needless to say, we are quite bummed about this, but we also recognize that it is just a piece of this world.  Yes, we have already searched the internet to see if the Beijing jade factory has a website so that we can order one, and no, they do not.  Bummer!  We do not anticipate any return to Beijing, so it is gone.

Of course we enjoyed the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night.  How cool was that?!  We were touched by Wyatt's "wows," and he did softly sing along with the national anthem.  We plan to show it to him again (we taped it) and hopefully, we will be able to videotape him singing the anthem.  He was a little shy about it last night because Savannah had friends over, and they were very attentive while he was singing.  It was funny when the Olympics started because Wyatt was campaigning hard for us to watch Spongebob or Spiderman.  We knew that he knew about the Olympics when he was in China, but we couldn't make him understand that was what we were watching.  Howevever, the special effects finally got his attention, and the Olympic rings clued him in.  He ended up enjoying most of it and kept pointing to the TV and then himself.  Tonight, he watched the men's gymnastics and indicated that he would like to do that.

The ball in the middle on this picture is a happy family ball. It is not the one we bought but a sample at the factory.
In other family news, Tamara is back to work.  School starts Wednesday for the kids, and Zachary is back to football.  Julia begged for a gymnastics class which she will start next Saturday, and Savannah is getting ready to start a mother/daughter Bible study.  Whew! Busy, busy!