back to school · August 13, 2008
The kids returned to school today.  Zachary started 7th grade; Savannah- 5th; Wyatt -kindergarten; and Julia - pre-K.  All went well.  The kindergartners leave at noon for the first week, so Wyatt joined Tamara at work for the afternoon.  He was thrilled to find the librarians busy processing books that included about 15 Spiderman books when he got to the high school.  He seemed to think school was okay but is not anxious to return tomorrow.  His teacher says he was wiped out and finished by the end of the day.  It is no wonder.  Wyatt did not get the best start because Zachary's first football game was last night.  It was in another county, and they play two games, so we got home way too late for little ones to get to bed and get adequate rest for school.  Bedtime will be much earlier tonight.
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Too bad Mom isn't home in the morning.  Julia's hair would not be in her face, and there would be at least one individual picture of Wyatt. Sigh.