Home Sweet Home · August 26, 2008

Zachary is home and improving.  He is able to walk much better.  He had gotten to the point where he was just dragging his leg.  We are so grateful to be working toward normal again.  Zachary has a nasty, and I do mean nasty hole in his leg where they opened it to drain the infection.  His very squeemish mom actually changed his dressing today.  She certainly was asking for prayer before that one.  YUCK!

 We should still be able to meet with Wyatt's tutor, teacher, and principal today to determine the course of action we will take for him.  He is such a stinker at school.  This is a kid who will definitely test boundaries and is doing so, so please pray that the teachers will be loving yet FIRM with him. 

For those of you freaked out by Zachary's illness, it is MRSA.  At our house we are now giving Wyatt and Julia bleach baths as recommended by the doctor.  Everyone is sporting short fingernails now, and we are keeping them trimmed close.  We no longer use bar soap for baths, so it is a good thing that liquid soap is on sale at Meijers this week.  Wash cloths are not left hanging in the tub to dry.  Instead, we place them under the sink in dishpans designated solely for that purpose.  All wash cloths are washed in bleach and hot water, and the bathtubs are cleaned with Clorox bathroom cleaner after each use.  We anticipate continuing these habits throughout football season. 

For the general population, your best line of defense is to clean and cover every cut or scratch no matter how small for this is the way MRSA enters the body.  Those of you with children involved in contact sports espcially football or wrestling should be extra diligent about this. 

With this infection and Wyatt's school struggles, we are definitely going to postpone Wyatt's surgery.  We will reschedule this week, but we do not anticipate surgery taking place before November.



Do not open the second picture before reading this disclaimer.  The image on the 2nd picture is graphic and disgusting.  It should not be viewed by small children or even older children without parental consent.  It is not for the squeemish.  Open with caution and while seated. Do not open close to bedtime.

For the morbidly curious among us and for those who are thinking,"how bad can it be?", we have posted a picture of Zachary's leg.  If you have followed our journey from the start, you may remember that stitches gross Tamara out.  This cut is about 4 inches or longer, and you do get a view into his leg.  The picture shows it looking better than it did the first two times we saw it, so you can just imagine.  The first picture is weird because we don't have good photo editing software, but Zachary is the guy making the tackle in the blue and red.


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