dressing challenges and Thing 1 and Thing 2 · August 30, 2008

We are really struggling with Zachary's dressings.  The cut is in a place that makes it hard to keep a dressing in place.  We have tried medical netting, ace wraps and taping his leg (very painful for him), and we are still struggling to keep the dressing in place.  Unfortunately, we are also speedily running through the supplies that were supposed to be more than ample.  Please keep praying as we are certainly not experts here.

Illness struck and there was so much to do.  Laundry, and disinfecting, and grocery shopping too.  But alas on the horizon a long weekend did lay, so what should a family do but take time to play?

In one of our last hurrahs for summer, Tamara took the little people to the Y for the outdoor swim park today.  Dad came to watch for just a little bit.  Our regular pool closes the weekend before Labor Day weekend, and we had hoped for lots of time there last weekend, but as you know that had to change.  Fortunately the Y is still going strong.  Savannah refused to go because she felt bad about doing so when Zachary could not go.  Wyatt was so excited about going swimming that he was doing the happy dance (a first for him) all over the house.  They had a great time until they started whining about being hungry.  Wyatt left in tears  because Mom refused to buy ice cream from the snack shack. 

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