a very special weekend indeed! · October 19, 2008

Two special events conincided this weekend for the Page family - Zachary turned 13, and Wyatt was dedicated at our church.  We enjoyed having family over for some good food and celebration.

The Highlights

Zachary's birthday celebration was last night.  Unfortunately, the disk ran out on our video camera (and we weren't sure where the spares were located) because Andy had an excellent surprised planned.  He read from Joshua 1:1-9 and Ephesians 6:10-18 encouraging Zachary to remain strong and courageous in the Lord as he faces the challenges and temptations that come with being a teenager.  He finished with a presentation of a sword that we purchased in China. Ugh- missing this on video just stinks, but Andy has been instructed to write it down for Zachary's scrapbook.  We are working on a special scrapbook for this occasion and asking family and friends to contribute pages with memories, funny stories, prayers or anything they would like for Zachary.  Granny came through with the first page to be submitted (uh, hmm - everybody else needs to get on it!).  She did a great job of incorporating several pictures and memories with her own drawing of Zachary in the background. It is quite a treasure.

Wyatt met his Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike along with cousins Page and Mitchell for the first time this weekend.  Julia found that she could have a captive audience in Uncle Mike so she commanded his undivided attention for most of the time.  Everyone learned just how much Wyatt likes ice cream as he went after Zachary's dairy queen cake.

This morning we had him dedicated at our church.  We never know what to expect in his behavior, but we now have confirmation from the pulpit that he is quite the ham.  Our church is huge and uses big screens so that everyone can see. For baby dedication parents stop on a designated square to smile for the camera and be projected on the big screen while their names are announced.  Wyatt was so taken with the lights above our heads that he would not initially look at the camera.  When he finally did turn to the camera, we have no idea what he did, but our minister said, "now that's a future preacher!"  The congregation chuckled, and we were grateful that he did not squirm his way right out of mom's arms.  One other parent noted that Wyatt "stole the show."  Our guess would be that he showed off his award winning grin.  He is not a shy kid!

We have had a fast paced and quite enjoyable weekend.  We had family over for lunch this afternoon, and Mom, Dad, and even Wyatt (who never naps) napped this afternoon.  Julia napped during church and then again in the van when Dad took the kids out to spend birthday money after naptime.  Wyatt returned with a Star Wars light saber, and he is quite thrilled with it.  It is really cool!

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