another fun but crazy weekend · October 26, 2008

We had birthday celebrations again this weekend. On Friday night, we celebrated our nephew Logan's birthday. His mom (Tamara's sister Tiffany) also shares Logan's birthday - a bit of poetic justice.  We also celebrated Zachary's birthday with friends on Saturday which meant another trip to the amusement park.  They had a great time.  We only lost two of the boys - really, we did, but they are thirteen!  Several of the boys played a game that involved winning a beer mug hat - yes, we sent home our Christian boys who also happen to be underage with beer mug hats!  We suspect that some parents may not let their boys grace our home with their presence again (lol).

For the record, Wyatt does not like roller coasters.  On the other hand, you have not truly experienced a kiddy coaster until you have ridden with Julia.  She giggles the entire time and keeps her hands in the air.  Before you even stop, she is already asking to do it again. Julia rode the coaster at least six times.

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Savannah was a great sport about hanging out with the little people.
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