Happy Halloween! · October 31, 2008

We can't say that Halloween is a favorite holiday among the adults in this house.  However, the kids love it, and Wyatt was very excited about his first experience with the holiday.  He couldn't wait to dress up as Spiderman, say "trick or treat" and get lots of candy.  He probably could have gone all night. At one house he helped himself to at least six pieces of candy - something we were concerned he would do before we left.  A firm reprimand from Mom curtailed any future plans for more of the same, and he came from a few of the houses after that announcing that he only took one.

The weather was beautiful here.  Many of our neighbors were hosting parties and sitting outside to greet their little visitors.  It was fun for the adults too.  Now Wyatt is struggling with the three pieces of candy rule.  He is working hard to make us understand that this is not a good rule.

Wyatt never went to sleep again after his surgery yesterday.  In fact, by mid afternoon he was bouncing off of everything - the bed, the couch, whatever he could find.  At one point he slid across the kitchen in his socks! We are thinking the medicine caused the opposite of drowsiness in him.  By late afternoon, Mom was more than ready for bed herself. 

Wyatt tested for ESL in the public school system today.  He qualifies for the services.  Initially, our plan was to send him to public school if he qualified.  However, getting him to school involves riding a bus, probably to a compound to catch another bus and then repeating the process in reverse every afternoon.  He struggles with change, and we think that this would not be good for him emotionally.  Therefore, we are staying with preschool for him.  He will still have to transition as we are moving him out of Julia's classroom.  It is just not good for her to have him there. 

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