a gift from China · November 14, 2008
Aside from the adoptions of Wyatt and Julia, the nicest gift we have received from China is a lifebook for Wyatt.  It is a glimpse into his life from the time he entered the Sunbeam Village on March 13, 2006.  Having this history will be important to him and to us as he grows. Since this website is our version of a baby book for him, I will gradually load the pictures into the site.  They will be in the same order as they are in the book.  A doctor who works with my mom is generously translating the captions, and we are so grateful.  We are learning so much about Wyatt and how he approaches life.
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Some of the information is conflicting as the caption under this picture gives Wyatt's height (89cm) and weight (13.5 kg) and then says he was admitted to the Sunny Village on December 23, 2003. Wyatt would have barely been a year old at that admission date. He is described as having cleft lip but good mood and lovely.
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