new school and life in China part 3 - pics are loaded · November 20, 2008

Wyatt started kindergarten at his new school today.  He missed the bus to school this morning but made it home on the bus this afternoon.  He did not bring home any papers and did not seem overly traumatized.  It looks like this might work.   We met our neighbor at the bus stop, and he is a first grader.  Maybe this will be a very good thing.

The school also hosted a skating party tonight, and we decided to dive in and go.  Wyatt and Julia have a long way to go toward learning to skate.  Savannah went with me, but she is not a strong enough skater to manage someone so needy.  She tried to help Julia, but Julia fell, and there were lots of tears.  I couldn't get to her to help her because I was holding Wyatt up on the other side of the floor.  We had to call Andy to come and help.  He was at home awaiting Zachary's return from wrestling practice.  Andy arrived shortly thereafter, but it was still rough.  Wyatt won a door prize (a Fantastic Four puzzle) which made him happy, and Hannah Montana was playing when we left which upset Julia.  (a side note - Julia can identify Miley Cyrus' voice even when she doesn't know the song)

Saturday - November 22nd update

Wyatt's second day of school was much better.  He came home happy and brought school work to show us.  Wyatt did very well on the two assignments he brought home.  His class made a book for him called "Wyatt is Our Friend." Everyone in the class drew a picture of himself or herself playing with Wyatt.  All of them wrote "Wyatt is My Friend" at the top of the page.  I haven't yet made contact with his teacher, but clearly she has some practice with introducing a new student.  Wyatt was also evaluated for speech therapy, and apparently he did not qualify as they did not make contact with us about it. 

Getting here has been a very trying and twisted path.  We have had lots of frustrations along the way, but Andy and I discussed this last night (while out shopping for a Christmas ornament for Wyatt).  We both feel strongly that Wyatt started the school year in the place he was supposed to be for that time, and he is now the place that God has him for this time. God has used the frustrations and trials to set us firmly here, and we now anticipate a better school year for Wyatt.

Enjoy the pictures.  I took Wyatt and Julia to Chuck E. Cheese tonight because they cleaned the basement today (an all day job) to earn it and because they had tokens left over from our last trip, so the last few pictures were taken today.

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10/30/2007 Fall is very colorful. Let me take some pictures to capture this beautiful moment! - This is my favorite picture of Wyatt from China.
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