Breakfast with Santa · December 14, 2008

Wyatt's school hosted a breakfast with Santa yesterday morning, so we turned it into a family event.  We enjoyed our breakfast of pancakes and sausage and then Wyatt and Julia visited briefly with Santa.

We finally met Wyatt's teacher face to face, and she is great!  She says Wyatt is a keeper.  We have been so blessed that all of Wyatt's teachers this year have been great and have genuinely loved him.

Wyatt insisted on wearing his Spiderman shirt, so he could show it to Santa.  He was equally adament about carting a backpack full of toys to show Santa as well.  We convinced him to limit that to one Bakugan ball.  Wyatt was outgoing and told Santa he wants Bakugan balls, transformers, and Star Wars stuff for Christmas.  Julia would not say a word, so Santa asked Wyatt what Julia would like.  Wyatt informed Santa that Julia likes Barbies and Hannah Montana and then started telling Santa what Savannah likes at which point we pulled Wyatt and Julia away so that other kids could visit.

The elves were helpful in making sure that Santa knew all the names of his little visitors so that he could greet them by name.  After their visit, I mentioned how cool it was that Santa knew their names.  Julia responded with, "yes, he is just like God." Uh Oh!  We have to work on that.  Santa is definitely not God.