Is there a six year old in the house? · December 17, 2008

"I love my birthday!"  -Wyatt (often repeated quote of the day)

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Wyatt was so excited when we sang "Happy Birthday." He could hardly contain himself.
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Somebody is six today.  Who can it be?

This is the question I asked Wyatt when he awoke this morning.  He knew exactly who I was talking about, and you guessed it; today is his birthday.  He was thrilled.

Finally!  Wyatt has been asking about his birthday for at least 40 days.

As is often the case, the best laid plans do often go awry.  Savannah came home from school feeling pretty rotten yesterday. After an afternoon of hanging out on the couch bundled in a coat and a blanket, she retired early last evening.  I woke her at 11:00 p.m. to check her temperature and received confirmation (101.7 degrees) that she would not be attending school today.  Bummer.

I was supposed to work the holiday boutique at Wyatt's school, and Julia was heart-broken because neither of us could attend her Christmas party at school.  In the end I took Savannah to the grandparents house long enough to join Julia for her party and cancelled my time at Wyatt's school.  My own students were also having a party today, but they made due without the cookie cake I made last night and without the cups, plates, and napkins I bought.

Wyatt took cupcakes to school for his classmates.  His teacher was out with a sick child herself today, so I have no idea how that went. I do know that he got into them on the bus and had them temporarily confiscated because he made a mess.  He was none to happy when I scolded him for eating on the bus.

IHe came home anxious to open presents, but he had to wait for Daddy.  Andy came home and immediately took Wyatt and Julia to a local Chinese restaurant to choose dinner. After dinner Wyatt finally opened his gifts from us.  His big party will be held on Sunday, but right now we have a very happy little guy on our hands.  He is gathering his Hot Wheels and loading them into his new case.