Wyatt's family birthday celebration · December 21, 2008

brrrr!  It is bitter cold here today, but we did enjoy the celebration of Wyatt's birthday.

He had an ice cream cake with a Cars theme, but this boy does not like chocolate (wish I had that problem), so he ate only the top layer and then was anxious to open presents.  Truthfully, he scarfed down this same type of cake on Zachary's birthday chocolate and all because he does LOVE ice cream.

I did tell Wyatt earlier this week that he will be seven on his next birthday, so he asked today if he is now seven. 

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This has to be one of the cutest birthday cakes we have ever gotten. Wyatt wanted a Star Wars cake, and we took him with us to Dairy Queen to pick it out. He loved this one because it had a toy.
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Wyatt loves Bakugan balls so much that he actually cried today when I wrapped up two packages of them for a cousin.  We really have to work on giving. For the most part he is good at it.  We are also working on the meaning of Christmas.  He gets the presents, but he thinks it is his birthday.