Fabulous! and a surprise from China preceed social security woes · January 15, 2009

This post is all about the pictures.


I have resisted sharing this one, but it is too funny to leave off.  Julia designed her own outfit Sunday, and well....she came up with the pose all on her own as well.  My how much laughter we would have missed if we hadn't stepped out of the boat and gone to China for her!


Several people have posted on the Hefei Yahoo group that they received New Years cards from the orphanage.  I didn't expect to get one, but sure enough, it arrived today.  This is such a nice surprise.  Wyatt told me he didn't like it at first, but later he seemed excited about it.


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How about all those babies?  I could just scoop one up and bring her on home with us.

January 16 update - a day of frustration

Our day actually started here at about 3:30a.m. when we heard an explosion and our power went out.  Julia ran screaming to our bedroom, and Savannah followed, so we were quite snug and warm for the remainder of the night (the coldest in four years, I might add).  The power was not restored until noon.  UGH!  As a result Andy missed work.

Wyatt told us that the "moon shot fire" and then the "time went out." He said "I need help."  "I so tired."  What we got out of that... Contrary to our belief that Wyatt slept through the explosion, he apparently did not, and it did scare him.  We were both awake because the dog had gotten us up to go out, and we did not hear Wyatt call for help. We think he actually fell back asleep and dreamed that he called for help. It broke my heart that he stayed in his room scared and alone.  We assured him that if something in the night scares him and wakes him up, he can come to our room.  So... on Saturday morning Wyatt was the first to wake up, and he came and got in bed with us (first time ever).  He just beams when I let him get in bed with me and cuddle before bedtime.

The mail brought more frustration because the social security office returned our documents and said that they need an original driver's license or passport from me.  I started to mail the documents back with my passport, but fortunately, I read beyond the highlighted portion saying they needed proof of my identity.  Apparently, I have to appear in person if my proof of identity is more than two years old.  My driver's license would qualify, but I obviously can't mail it.  UGH!