Chinese New Year · February 08, 2009

Last night we celebrated the Chinese New Year with our local FCC group.  It was lots of fun as usual. Getting there was interesting.

I have not updated since Winter Storm 2009 hit us.  We had the snow day where Wyatt made his snow man, and that night we went to bed with the threat of an ice storm looming.  By 1:30 a.m. or so, we had no electricity. Our electricity was out for 8 days and 15 hours.  As a result we stayed at my parent's house.  Power was restored late Thursday afternoon, and we were unable to come home that night because the house was at 31 degrees, and we knew that it would be hours before it completely warmed up.  (for pictures, visit

On Friday, Savannah had her Father/Daughter dance at school, so we raced to get them off on their big date, ate dinner, packed and came home. We have much work to do here, and no one got a good night's sleep the entire time we were gone.

Wyatt had basketball yesterday, and he just melted down. He came home and took about a four hour nap, and the boy who awoke from that nap was a different child than the one who went down.  He awoke in a good mood and was loving and sweet the rest of the day and so far so good today as well.

We were late to the New Year celebration, but we had a great time.  Wyatt loved the games and crafts.  Now, he is asking everyday if tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  He loves holidays and can't wait for them.


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Fan dance - We learned that this fan represents Southern China.
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