Easter, stuff, Derby, and tilapia · May 01, 2009

One of the first rules of blogging is to make it short and sweet.  Well, I am rolling about four posts into one, so this will not be short... sweet - yes and no on that one.


We started the Easter celebration this year with a very anxious Wyatt.  He could not wait to dye eggs, find eggs, get a basket of goodies and all that stuff.  I don't think he was disappointed in the end.  We started the weekend with a solemn Good Friday service.  I was a tad bit nervous about taking Wyatt to that because our church did not have elementary programming that night, so he had to go to big church with us.  I was very surprised that he was still and quiet until I realized he was sound asleep.   Saturday night found us volunteering in the nursery and attending the Easter worship servce.  Easter fell on April 12th this year for the first time in 11 years.  How do we know this?  Savannah was born on April 13th eleven years ago, so we had much to celebrate on Easter Sunday.  We started the day by making the kids clean their rooms because they had not completed that task as instructed earlier.  Then, they enjoyed a scavenger hunt to find their baskets. Andy read them the Easter story while they inspected and enjoyed their goodies.  Family joined us in the afternoon for egg dyeing, and egg hunt, and a birthday celebration.  Wyatt loved every minute, and so did I.


We are hitting walls looking for Occupational Therapy for Wyatt.  We have found only one in-network occupational therapist, and we are very uncomfortable with this office.  Unfortunately, we have several fires to put out right now, so that one is on hold.

Wyatt's surgery bills have brought surprises. The surgical center is out of network for our insurance, and the bill is 6X what we expected. Shocked we are! Hard to swallow with the likelihood of another surgery this summer.  I did send a letter to them about this bill which may have been nastier than it should have been, but I noted that we would have had no reason to expect that the center would be out of network when the doctor is not.  The surgical center is literally attached to his office.  I also noted that we had a son spend three days in the hospital and have surgery with a bill that was $12,000.00 before insurance paid their portion.  Wyatt's bill was $11,000.00 for a center in which he spent less than two hours.  Am I crazy, or does this not make sense?  To get a second job or not, that is the question.  As tempting as it is to panic over this, I remind myself that God did not bring Wyatt here without a plan of provision.  We may be shocked, but God is not one bit surprised by any of this.


Louisville is Derby city, and for the price of a cheaply made Derby pin, entertaining events are available in abundance during the two weeks leading up to Derby.  We usually try to make it to the balloon race.  It is very early in the morning and falls on the same day as the marathan, so the crowd is usually not too overwhelming.  However, the balloon race is always subject to the weather.  Winds postponed the race to Sunday morning between 6:30 and 7:00 this year.  Zach chose to sleep in, but the other kids and I enjoyed this pretty event before church.  Zach, Wyatt and I did attend a concert on the waterfront. An eigth grader at Zach's school was in concert, and she was quite good.  Wyatt loves music, so he enjoyed himself as well.

 tilapia -(warning - this might gross you out, so read at your own risk)

Today is Oaks Day.  Oaks day is like having a Derby day for the locals to enjoy the track.  This was started when Derby tickets were reserved for the rich and famous, and locals could no longer attend (unless they wanted to be in the infield which is really only a place for partying college students and crazy people, but I digress).  Oaks Day = holiday in Louisville...The public schools are closed, so Wyatt and I had the day off.  As it so happened, Andy had the day off as well, so we all celebrated by taking Wyatt to the doctor for a check up and vaccines and having our carpets cleaned.  I knew Wyatt would need one vaccine (he actually needed 2), and since we wouldn't have all the kids home, we could afford to take him on a special outing.  Andy and I ate at a local Chinese buffet a few weeks ago and when we saw the tilapia on the buffet, we knew Wyatt would love the place.  Why?  becuase the tilapia was still all together - head, eyes, the whole thing.  We took Wyatt to the restaurant after his appointment, and he had a full plate of food when he saw the tilapia.  He wanted one, so Andy plated it up for him and we headed for the table.  Ironically, Wyatt had been talking about eyeballs all day and about how he wanted "eyeball gum."  I went off to get my own plate and made sure to place myself next to Wyatt rather than across from him so that I would not have to witness his partaking of this fish.  Upon my return to the table, Andy informed me that Wyatt had already had the eyeball.  Feeling safe, I sat down to enjoy my meal.  Wouldn't you know that fish had TWO eyeballs?!! Wyatt loves me so much that he generously offered me the second one.  BLECH!  I politely refused while keeping my eyes straight ahead.  I did sneak an occasional peak to see Wyatt licking the bones.  No meat on that fish was going to escape our little eater who happens to be in the 10 percentile on weight for his age.  Wyatt finished his meal and informed us that it was fun.  NICE!

One other note on our meal with Wyatt:  The waiter asked Wyatt what he wanted to drink in Chinese, and Wyatt responded appropriately.  We don't know if he understood or if he knew the waiter was taking drink orders because we had already given ours.

After lunch Wyatt and I raced over to Savannah's school to sit with her for her lunch.  It was the only time I have made it to lunch with her this year, and as this is her last year there, it is likely to be the last one.  I think she would have rather sat with her friends, but she sat with us because she knew we made a great effort to be there.  Wyatt was anxious to talk with the adults he knew.  He told me that he wants to go to school there next year.  Then he banged his head on the table to emphasize this.  He then looked at me and said, "UNDERSTAND?!" and banged his head on the table again.  I don't want to disappoint him but he is not going to school there next year, and that concludes my loooong and sometimes sweet post.

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