Updates on referral.......
May 14, 2008

Our Strawberry Blond not a Strawberry???

Now a true Blond????

It's True!!!

How can this be???

We Have No Idea!!!

Non-Special Needs Referral

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Hi Ya!!!

         Today we received updates, English translation, visas, passports, and Consulate appointments!!!!!  All on the same day!!WoooHooo!!!!!

      My how she's grown.......Height 68 cm, weight 7.8 kg.   Development is normal.  Turns over.  Eye contact is normal.  Recognizes people and sound.  Skin is normal.  Grabs toys.  Personality is active, restless.  

      Consulate appointment confirmed for June 3, 2008.  We we leave Thursday, May 22nd. 

      So much to do!  Shopping a must....need extra luggage, a car seat, little odds and ends.  Finish baby's room.  Organize and pack.  Confirm travel arrangements.  Clean the house.  All around our busy full time work schedules.