Medical exam and the Buddhist Temple on Monday
June 02, 2008

      Monday is for Medical exams and visiting the Buddhist Temple for a blessing.

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      Monday, June 1, 2008, while we rushed through breakfast, we managed to meet some of our on-line friends.  What wonderfully warm people we can now put the faces to the names!! 

      We met our new guide, Ms. Lee, and proceeded to go for Jillian's medical exam and complete our paperwork for the consulate appointment on June 3rd.

     Jillian came through her exam with flying colors, and weighs a whopping 16.4 lbs!!  She manages again to steal the show!!  This girl just draws lots of attention.  We have a celebrity on our hands!!

     After Jillian's lunch and nap, we made a trip to the Buddhist temple for a blessing from the monks. 

     A 1000 year old Pagoda, standing 9 stories high and 17 fights inside, stood in the center of the grounds of the temple.  It was such a beautiful sight.  Such a peaceful place.

     There were several areas for worship with different types of Buddhas.  We received the blessing in one of the areas containing three 10 ton Buddhas made of solid bronze representing the past, the present and the future.

     After our visit to the Temple, we stopped in one of the shops and got Mommy a beautiful jade bracelet for all her hard work in bringing this adoption process to it's fruition!!