Wednesday, June 4th Sworn statement at the Consulate
June 04, 2008
      A beautiful day for a sworn statement at the U.S. Consulate!!
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Free Duty!!! No extra charge!!!

      A most beautiful sunshine day.....A perfect day to visit the U.S. Consulate for a sworn oath!!!  We were'nt allowd to take any photos.  However, it was nice to be in U.S. territory for a short time during our stay in China. 

         Free Duty!!!  No extra charge!!!  We've been waiting to use this photo for a while!!  Mommy went shopping so that Daddy and Jillian could have some bonding time together.  Daddy was sure happy to see Mommy walk in at just the right moment!!  We had some Free Duty!!  No extra charge!!!

      We were unable to take our Red Chair photos, as they were occupied at the time of our photo shoot.  However, we did make do with the red couch after all!! 

       We've been taking advantage of all the authentic Chinese food during our stay, and, everyone we have encountered during our trip has been wonderfully warm  - everyone from people on the street, our online friends, the hotel staff, to all the different shop keepers (even though we didn't make a purchase) - all the different walks of life!!!