More Jillian in July......Also, Jillian says..........
July 29, 2008 - July 30, 2008

      Latest photos of Jillian in July.....

Also, Jillian says:

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Ma Ma!!!

       More firsts for July: 

     Jillian takes water from a sippy cup "cold" and without any favorings, July 20th, 2008.  And, she likes it!! 

     Jillian giggles when looking out the window while in her car seat, July 25th, 2008. 

     She also started singing and babbling in all different pitches and tones from the softest ahhs to the deepest AHHHS, also July 25th.  She also tries to mimic my tones.  I'll say ahhhh, then she'll say ahhhh. When I change my tone, she tries to mimic the same sound.

     Jillian sits up on her own from ALL different positions and for greater lengths of time, July 26th, 2008. 

     Also, Jillian's legs are getting stronger and straighter as she tries to stand longer and longer when she is held up under her arms.  She is also crawling both forward and backward, and she's fast too!   Her pediatrician is quite happy about the way she is catching up!! When holding her she tries to stand herself up, and gets quite excited about it!  She wants to run before she can walk!!

     July 30, 2008.   DRUMMMMMM ROLLLLLL PLEASE:

     Jillian says:  Ma Ma!!!!!!  Three different times today!!  First time, after lunch while playing on the floor with Mom.  Second time, while having dinner at Papa's house.  Papa and Mommy just looked at Jillian as if she accomplished a major feat!!  And, third while driving home Jillian was singing up  a storm and in the middle of the different aahhhs, she popped out a big whopping Ma Ma!!!  I don't know if she knows what it means, however, I love to think that she does!!  Mommy's so very proud of her baby girl!!!