Wednesday, a family day on our own
May 28, 2008
         We start Wednesday with a family day on our own.......We draw attention everywhere we go.....Lots of happy smiles come our way!!!
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Happy girl!!

        Success!!!  1:25 AM - We have a Poopie Diaper!!!!  Was getting a little worried with the change in formula, as well as, all the new things coming at Jillian all at once.  She doing just great.  She found her voice and is babbling away in her crib right now. 

     She's not to happy a camper when it comes to having a bath.  She stiffens up like a board,and, we get more wet than she does.  However, when we're done and lotioned up, she's a happy girl!!  Smells good too!!

     We put her in her crib, and she turns herself sideways during the night.  She is so good, and, she just loves to touch different textures.  She tries her best to fight off sleep.  You know she's on her way out, when she starts kicking he legs up, keeps turning a cloth in her hands, and moves around trying to find a comfortable position.  She wakes up the same way too.

      She slept quite a bit today as we roamed around the neighborhood.  We had a bit of fresher air today after the rain stopped.  This girl just tuckered herself out with riding in the stroller all day.  She got lots of smiles and attention from just about everyone we came in contact with.  Lovely baby!!  Beautiful baby!!  Lucky Baby!!  We say lucky Mom & Dad!!!

       Also, forgot to mention about yesterday, Jillian's official family day, we had lots of traffic trying to get to the center for foreign marriage and adoption.  We found out that there was the torch relay though the same area in Nanjing.  Kudos to the taxi driver who maneuvered the traffic fabulously!!  He got us there with time to spare safe and sound!!  They have the extraordinary talent that can contend with any Indy 500 competition!!