Friday began with visiting Xuanwu Lake then a celebration dinner on our last night in Nanjing...
May 30, 2008

        Had some computer issues, and was unable to post.  Obviously, we're back on-line!  Apparently,  Windows Vista was not recognizing the network connection, and we needed tech support to change some settings. 


        Hi Dad....Hi Debra.....we're all doing well.  Jillian seems to be a very good traveler.  The real test will be the very long flight home.  We love you and miss you very much, and can't wait to see you. 

         Uncle Bobby, we love you and miss you all as well!  Tell Nana she's got a beautiful grand-daughter!!

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      We started Friday with a visit to Xuanwu Lake.  "It is dotted with five green isles, the beauty of the city, the lake, the woods and the hills is all merged into one---the Xuanwu Lake."

     We roamed around a few hours enjoying the most beautiful day of the week. The grounds were absolutely gorgeous and peaceful.  As usual, Jillian got more than her fair share of smiles and attention from everyone we encountered.

     Later on we met with Anna, our guide.  We received Jillian's passport and adoption papers. 

     We went to Hunan Road, where there is a road open only to pedestrians, and lined with restaurants and vender's.  We enjoyed an authentic and most appetizing Chinese celebration dinner with Anna, who we must say is outstanding, warm and wonderfull!! 

      Saturday, May 31, 2008.  Planes, Trains and Automobiles!!

     This child is now considered a seasoned world traveler!!  She started out on a bus, to the train, into our waiting arms at the Center of Foreign Marriage and Adoption, then onto several taxi rides, stroller rides, and an airplane!!  And, it's not over yet!!!  We proceeded with a limousine ride in a Mercedes onto the White Swan Hotel!! 

      Sunday, June 1, 2008.  Happy 9 month birthday, Jillian Rose!!!  It also happens to fall on a special day celebrated in China, "Happy Children"s Day"!!!  Families from all over came to the White Swan to celebrate this special day.

     We went to breakfast, came back to the room to find our very special gift given to adoptive families, " A Going home Barbie".  It depicts an American Mother holding her Asian baby.  In our case, the hair coloring is reversed!!!