We hereby nominate....
June 18, 2008
       We hereby nominate Karen, our friend from the hospital, President of our fan club!!
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Mommy nominates Karen President of our fan club!

       Today, we were back to the hospital to drop off specimens for final evaluation. After two days of baby torture, Jillian was declared a healthy baby!!  We have a free pass from the pediatrician for one more month!!  We love our pediatrician, thanks Samantha!!

     Also, kudos to the ladies that helped us in the lab yesterday.  They are the best!!  How they find those tiny veins, it's truly amazing!!

     While we were at the hospital, naturally we had to make some rounds to Jillian's adoring fans.  Each time we visit the hospital, we try as hard a we can to visit as many people as possible.  Apologies to all that we missed.  We'll try to meet with all we missed in the future!! 

     We had lots of fun with Margaret, Mommy's friend and co-worker, two days in a row!!  Yesterday, we were very happy to see Dr. Tulla, Diana, Jane and Evan,  as well as the nurses from ASU, our friend, Donna from Medial Records, all of our friends from Radiology, IR nurses Mary and Jean, and the list goes on and on.  Jillian inspected a lot of fingers in the last two days!!  Thumbs are her favorite!!

     Last week we were able to catch up with all our friends and co-workers in Radiology (where Mommy works), the OR, Erika, and our pal, Lou. We were happy to see the radiologists, and Samantha, Vivian, Maureen, Kerri, Dennis and Mirna.  We were also able to speak to Dr. A in the special care Nursey who gave us lots of reassurance and charted Jillian's progress according to our referral paperwork.  Thanks Dr. A!!!!

     We also met with the girls in Ultra Sound, as well as, our friends in Nuclear Medicine.  We tried to get upstairs to see Jeanette in Cardiac Rehab, however, we were sorry to have missed her.  We were also very happy to see the nurses in the Special Care Nursery.  They were very supportive and gave us great advise when we received our referral from China. 

     We also met with Ivy, Liz and everyone from Medial Records.  Thanks, Ivy, for all your help with our paperwork for China!!  The list here goes on and on too!!

     Also, Jillian was finally able to meet Karen, who we nominated president of her fan club!!  And, we were so happy to see two of our favorite nurses from the maternity floor who also gave us lots of advise and support upon receiving our referral from China!!  They spoke to Jillian in Chinese!!  A good time was had by all!! 

      Father's Day, Jillian was made an honorary Mets fan!  Got her picture take with the team ball!!

     Tonight, after Jillian's bath, there was a lot of cuteness going on that we just had to share.  It was all so very exhausting that Mommy and Jillian just had to take a nap!!  It not easy being cute, but somebody's got to do it!!

     Side note to Jane, what are you doing up so late??!!   You have to work early in the AM!!   Reading while I'm posting!!  FYI, we have a work in progress.  It continually changes!!    Sorry we missed you today!!  We didn't get to the hospital until 4 PM.  We just can't dictate when a baby decides to poop!!