Happy 4th of July!!
Posted on July 10, 2008

  Happy, Happy


of July!!  

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       Just a little late in posting.  The aftermath of the flies keep lingering on.  Post clean-up is a bit brutal!!    Naturally, everything has to be done around Jillian's breakfast time, nap time, lunch time, intermittent diaper changes, play time, nap time, dinner time, play time, more diaper changes, evening bottle, and bedtime!!!!! 

      Everything had to be washed down from floor to ceiling literally!!! It has been just painstakingly slow.  A great excuse to toss out the old and start with new!!!  Of course that means....SHOPPING!!!  No problem there!!!

      Of course, nothing could ever be easy........During the great fly clean-up, a new batch of spiders just had to go and hatch!!! 

     This time, the scene of the crime was Mommy and Daddy's bedroom.....on Mommy's side of the bed!!!  EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!   I just hate bugs!!!!  

     And coincidence has it that two more flies entered the kitchen!!!  At least there were only two.  They were promptly disposed of!!!!!!  They probably came in when the door was open.  No more fly sightings as of yet.  Still, it's time to call back the Ex-TERMINATOR.......just to make sure!!!

     On a happier note,  we took a break from the great fly clean-up, and, Jillian enjoyed her first 4th of July as an American citizen with family. 

     We had good old American Hot Dogs with all the fixings, while Jillian had a puried selection courtesy of Gerbers!!!!  Naturally, we all had watermelon, including Jillian.....she just could not get enough of it!!!!! 

     Although it was a bit of a quiet  4th, we did enjoy the fireworks, courtesy of "a capitol 4th" and "Macy's".  Sounds a bit dull by some standards, however, we did enjoy a fabulous 4th!!!

     Also, sending a BIG THANK YOU to Aunt Sandra for helping us with the great fly clean-up!!!  Aunt Sandra is just the best!!!!!