Two Months ago today a family
July 26, 2008
       Two months ago today we are officially a family!
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Two months ago.

       On May 26th, Jillian was placed in our arms for the first time.  On May 27th, our adoption was finalized.  Two months  have gone so quickly.  Two months ago today a family.

     Five years ago today to the day, Sunday, July 27th, I saw my Mom for the last time.  Five years ago today I had a guilty sense of relief because there was no more suffering for my Mom.  She had peace.  We, on the other hand, had heartbreaking saddness and loss. 

     So sad to say that Jillian will only know her love, warmth and witty sense of humor through photos and stories.  My Mom was the most amazing person I've had the honor to know and love.  We did everything together.  My Mom was my best friend.  I am very proud to be called her daughter.  I am who I am today because of her.

     Jillian gives us the happiness we lost when my Mom passed, and she bought us new life!!!   There is vibrancy now where before there was just existence.