An Important message from our President....Also more of Jillian's 1st Birthday...And, we still hate the beach...
September 12, 2008
      We interrupt this Blog for an important message from our President....The President of our fan club - that is!!!
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Important Message from our President!!

      First week in September, and the weather still gives us some beautiful days.  We took the opportunity to try the beach once more as the summer comes to a close.  Much to John's great disappointment, Jillian still hates the beach! 

     Don't worry Daddy, Jillian will love the beach before you know it - Jillian says:  ARUBA!! 

     Nahhhhh, just kidding!  After all, we're still practicing the word ARUBA!!   A-R-U-B-A.  No worries we'll keep working on it!!

     We did, however, neglect to mention a VERY IMPORTANT FIRST on August 26, 2008.  Drummm Rollll Pleaseeee - Jillian says:  "Da Da"!!!!!

     We continued to celebrate Jillian's first birthday with family - complete with a green Ladybug cake and red Ladybug cookies!!  Absolutely YUMMY!!!!!