Mashed Potatoes by Moonlight!!
September 17, 2008
      Also, September 17, 2008, There was mashed potatoes by moonlight!!
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Mashed potatoes by Moon Light!!

        Since we were in the neighborhood, we had the opportunity to visit friends at John's previous place of employment. 

     We were so happy to see everyone, and everyone was so excited to finally meet Jillian!

     Thank you so much Austin, AnnMarie, Kathleen, Tom, Dave, Helen, Patrick, and last but not least, Charlie, for a wonderful day, a wonderful dinner and an absolutely beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge by moonlight at the fabulous Harbour Lights Restaurant at Pier 17!!  Also, many thanks to the chef and the wait staff for their excellent, outstanding and professional service!!  Our dinner was delicious perfection with a view second only to our Jillian Rose!!