Four Months a Family!
September 27, 2008
       Four Months a Family!!
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      My how the time flies!!  May 26, 2008,  Jillian was placed in our arms.  May 27, 2008, we officially became a family!!  Four months later, we can't imagine a time without her.  She is growing, learning and changing daily! 

     September 20, 2008, Jillian has really found her voice!!  She has started to be very vocal, and has a lot to say!!  Of course, naturally, only she knows what she is saying!  She does, however, have Mama and Dada down pat!!  She calls Papa, Debra and Nana:   AAHHH and keeps calling AAHHH until they respond to her!! 

     We also have some latest firsts!!  September 22, 2008, Jillian feeds herself puffs!!  Not long ago, Jillian didn't quite know that she should chew and swallow.  We've been practicing!!  I tell her on each and every bite to chew good!!  And, she does with a big lip smacking sound!!  Now, we feel a little more comfortable about her not choking with the puffs.

     Also, September 22, 2008, after 6 weeks of daycare, Jillian goes to daycare and doesn't look back

     John brings her to daycare, puts her down in the babies room, and Jillian crawls off to play with toys and her new friends.

     September 24, 2008, as Jillian was having dinner, she just started to clap hands!  I nearly fell off the chair!   I grabbed the camera, Debra and my father clapped their hands, I said "Jillian, clap hands.....Yippee!!!  Jillian clapped hands!!!!  Now every time we say clap hands.....Jillian does!!!!  Funny how a simple little thing like clapping hands makes us so proud!! 

     Jillian has been standing more and more, longer and longer.  September 25, 2008, Jillian shows us that she walks around the perimeter of the pack and play, as well as, her crib.  Our girl is getting stronger, and it looks like she'll be walking and talking real soon!!

     Saturday, September 27, 2008, Jillian tries Cherios!!!  And, she loves them!!!  September, 17, 2008, we tried Gold Fish which were also a big hit!!