13 Months old and already a door-to-door salesman!
October 08, 2008
      13 Months Old And Already a Door-to-Door Sales Man!!!!  Or is it Sales Woman?  Or maybe a Sales Baby!!!
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For a small fee....

      The wonderful world of daycare for a mere $355.00 a week be it full time, part time, or on vacation, tuition is due on each and every Monday!  Late fees apply for late payment, bounced checks, as well as, a $1.00 per minute if you are late for pick up.  A fact of life that working parents must deal with in order to have health insurance, and pay the bills. 

     Not that daycare is a terrible thing.  We actually think that it is something that will work out for Jillian's benefit.  A good learning, clean, secure atmosphere where she can be a baby, and learn from her peers.

     Along with all the positive good things that come along with daycare, there are also the little things like expensive photo packages that parents are under no obligation to purchase to be followed up by fund raising all in the same week!!  For $69.95 we can purchase a package of 10 sheets of photos taken by a professional photographer! 

     Not for anything, I think I took better quality, as well as had better sittings, with my little digital Canon camera than the professionals.  They didn't bother to brush her hair, put her bow in her hair, or wipe her little nose!

     The thing is that they count on the parents purchasing the whole package because if they are sent back, they'll probably throw them out.  After all, how can you not buy your baby's first year photos!!

     Then comes along the fabulous world of fund raising.  Upon picking up Jillian from daycare the other day, I was handed an envelope complete with catalog and an order sheet.  Fund raising for the daycare's holiday celebrations.    Parents are urged NOT to let their children go door-to-door on their own.  And it is suggested that the parents pass the catalog around to family, friends and co-workers.  There are also fund raising tips:  1.  Introduce yourself and your organization.  2.  Tell your customers what your group is raising money for.  3.  Be courteous and polite.  And, 4.  NEVER sell door-to-door without a responsible adult.

      What's next???  The next thing that naturally comes to mind is the big case of chocolate bars that get smaller and smaller, and, more and more expensive as each year goes by!