Our Thanksgiving Day....Also, November Hi-lights!
November 27, 2008

     Our Thanksgiving Day

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      Here's wishing that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day as much as we did.  Nothing fancy just some wonderful food, fabulous friends, and loving family. 

     Not since my Mom's passing were we ever so grateful for this Thanksgiving day more than any other as six months ago today we became a family.  Jillian's first Thanksgiving Day was a success. 

    Also, we've some November hi-lights to mention:  November 2, 2008, Jillian says baby.  Also, word association.  She knows and looks for her baby doll.  She knows that her "Nana" is upstairs.  She looks up the stairs and calls out for her "Nana".  When she is upstairs with Nana,  she looks for "Daddy" downstairs.  Of course, she knows her Mama.  She calls Mom, Mama, Ma Ma Ma.

     Jillian knows when she's at Papa's house.  As soon as we park the car, she looks up to the house, kicks her feet excitedly and calls "Papa"!  Also, when Papa sings "Old McDonald had a farm", Jillian fininshes off with "Ee ii ee ii ee ii", then she belly laughs all the way from her toes!!

     Jillian calls her Aunt Debra - "Deba".  As Debra is deaf, I call Debra's name more sharply, so that I can catch her attention.  Jillian mimics me and calls "DEBA"!!  And when we arrive home, Jillian recognizes the driveway.  As we walk to the front door, Jillian calls out to her Daddy and Nana.  Jillian also says:  nice, keys, trees,  and Zee (blue bird from Noggin). 

          November, 30, 2008, Jillian took her first steps.  She's not yet brave enough to try more than a few steps, however, when she is in her crib or the pack and play she does get more daring.

     BTW, Trena, Our little Sales-Baby ranked in the top three for sales in her daycare fundraiser out of 125 children ranging from ages 6 months to 5 years!! Talk about stimulating the economy!!

Please click on the link below for a wonderful family site , "My charming Kids"  and aThe Rebel for a Cause raffle.  You can win a huge Canon XSi Package!!

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