A Year Ago Today....
April 04, 2009

 It was a year ago today that we saw your face for the very first time!!!

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It was a Friday. I remember the weather being good. We missed the cutoff for referral in the previous group by one day. We were so disappointed. We just knew that we would have news when the next group was matched. I remember the anxiousness of waiting and watching for any snippet of information or rumor. I continually scoured the Internet for any possible sign. I don't know how I was able to get through the working days both leading up to and including the actual day of referral.

As I was working a year ago today, I kept checking and checking and checking. I kept calling our answering machine. Nothing. I kept checking the Internet. Families all over started posting their referrals. I checked everything again. Still nothing. I called my agency that morning. Nothing yet. The work day was soon coming to a close. I knew that if there was no news by the end of the day, we would have to wait till Monday for any possible news. As each minute ticked by I was more and more anxious. Could it possibly be that we would not be matched?? I don't think that I could have possibly waited another month. We had already waited too long.

I left work at 3 pm, and had a family medical appointment to keep with my Dad for 3:30pm. The appointment would keep us occupied for at least an hour and a half. John was working. All though the appointment, I checked everything again. Still nothing. I was getting myself ready for yet another disappointment. With a sinking heart, I suggested to my Dad that we stop to pick up pizza for dinner. It was 5 pm, and for one of the few times that I can remember, I didn't feel like cooking - quite unusual for me!

My father waited in the car as I went in to order our dinner. At 5:10 pm, I couldn't resist just trying the answering machine just one more time. There was a message from our agency. It was Pam, the director of our adoption agency!! "Jan, This is Pam. It's 4:50 pm. Please call me!!" There was a second message: "Jan, It's 5 pm, I'm still at the office. Please call me as soon as you get this message. If you don't get me, call my cell!!"

I listened over and over to the message trying to write down the number. My hands were shaking so bad. I was so nervous. After at least 10 tries, I finally had the number written down and called Pam. Pam: "Jan, you're a Mom, you have a beautiful baby girl. She's 7 months old. And, it looks like she has reddish blond hair!! Me: "Reddish blond hair??" Pam: Yes, Reddish blond hair!! I'll email you the pictures. Where are you??" Me: "At the pizza shop - picking up dinner." Pam: Hurry up and get home. Call be back when you get there."

All I could say was: "Oh my God!!! I can't believe it! Reddish blond hair?? Oh my God!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was laughing and crying at the same time. I was just bursting! I went back to the counter to pay for dinner. The man who took my order asked if I was done yet. I must have appeared a bit crazy. I apologized, and said that I had just gotten some good news - It's a girl!! He said with a deadpan face, congratulations - that'll be $22.50! I said with a big smile on my face, Thanks!!
So there I was at the pizza shop at 5:20 pm. We got the news. We have a baby girl!!

I called John a work. As soon as he picked up the phone I said: "Congratulations, Daddy - It's a girl!!" Laughing and crying, I gave whatever information that I could remember from Pam. I told him that I would call him back when I knew more.

I walked out of the pizza place with a large pie and a Sicilian pie. My whole body was shaking. I told my Dad about the news. We went home. I put the pizza on the table, and immediately turned on the computer, printed some pictures and called Pam back.

Pam: "What took you so long?? Her name is Chu Fang Jing. She's 7 months old. She was found on September 17, 2007, and her birthday is estimated to be September 1, 2007. And, it looks like she has reddish blond hair!! She looks very healthy. And, in all my years, I have never seen reddish blond hair!! Congratulations Mama. She is so beautiful!!"

I told Pam that I knew it would be today!! I saw other families receiving their referrals. It just had to be today. I couldn't imagining waiting the weekend!

At this point, I could barely eat a thing. My father, Debra and myself were so excited at seeing that adorable little face. So, with pictures in hand, I decided to just drive over to the restaurant where John works, and surprise the new Dad. We celebrated with champagne and a 2 pound lobster dinner that the Chef so kindly shelled for me - so reminiscent of our wedding day!

I remember, distinctly, everything that happened every moment of that day. Truly one of the happiest times in my life!!! Quite happily, our lives were changed forever!!!