Jillian goes to the beach.
August 04, 2008
      Jillian goes to the beach, and she not very happy about it.
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Practicing for the beach.

      We finally had the opportunity to go to the beach for the first time as a family.  Obligations, Doctor appointments, as well as Daddy's work schedule makes it difficult to take the time to go to the beach. 

     Sadly, Jillian is not very happy about being at the beach.  This little wiggly worm never sat so still on my lap before!!  She was petrified of the water, and absolutely did not like the texture of the sand!  Poor baby doesn't yet know what she's missing! 

     No worries though, soon enough she won't be able to get enough of the beach.  After all, her first sentence is going to be:  "Daddy, we have to go to Aruba and see my feet in the water!!!"  I kid you not!!  Mommy will make sure that it is!!!