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These are all over for Chinese New Year.
We had a great day today. We were up alot last night due to jet-lag,finally got out of bed at 5:00am-ugh! Went to the much anticipated breakfast buffet-oh yum!! Then we proceeded to find our way around HK. We took the train, walked thru HK Park and found the tram up to the top of a place called Victoria;s Peak to see the view of HK.This thing is 150 yrs old. Spectacular. We walked a trail for about an hr and then caught the tram back down and found a cab to take us to Stanley Market, a British/Chinese area on the water.Dad you would have LOVED this! We walked around until we thought we were going to sweat to death-VERY hot today!!!! Then we took another cab back to the hotel, going about 100 mph oh geez I had forgotten how scary they drive, and went to the pool and spa area. We had a little food and now we are trying desperately to stay awake until 10 or 11 when we will try to sleep until at least 6:00 am. This hotel is just wonderful and we feel a bit guilty as we are living in the lap of luxury knowing our daughter is living in an orphange with probably not enough of anything! HK is a really neat place, much more westernized than mainland China and cleaner too! I think adjusting to Changsha might be a bit difficult after this stay on HK. We leave tomorrow at 5:00pm for Changsha and our plane gets in at 6 or 7ish so I will try to post once we get in and get settled. Two more sleeps and our baby will have her family. Bless her heart she has no idea what is to come! Please pray she is receptive to us and not terrified. Well, hope everyone in the US has a great Sat., ours was awesome and we will "talk" to you from Changsha-capital city of the Hunan province. Jaida and Xin we miss you so much and love you tons! Every time Mommy sees a little boy or girl your age I think of you and smile! Big hugs and kisses to you guys!!! Goodnight from Hong Kong!