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We tried to make the room look festive and fun
Lulu has her forever family! So the day was a little rough...think Jaida. Jaida, she acted just like you did on Gotcha Day-lots of crying! Wow is she strong...and loud...and mad....and scared. She screamed and thrashed for over and hour. She calmed down somewhat once the nanny left. She was ok on the drive to the hotel and she started eating cheerios when we got back. We took off ALL of her layers...wow, changed her diaper, and her clothes and she got a little upset again. Then we went to lunch and she was good. She ate and ate and started swinging her little legs. We came back to the room and she played with the toys for a long time! Then she melted down again, but this time she was sad, not mad and she let us comfort her. She is LITTLE. She looks like a 1 yr old. Can't walk. Catches on to things very quickly...figured those stacking cups out quickly on her own and then watched me put the beads into them and copied that. She can do ANYTHING with those hands...including picking up bits of slippery noodles. She likes all of us to be around and gets nervous if one of us leaves the room. She is CUTE as can be!!!!! Jaida and Xin she is going to love you guys! Bless her heart...what  HARD day for her. It breaks my heart to see her hurt. PLease pray for her!!!! It is hard to upload so if we don't update that is why. Overall not a "bad" day. Thanks for the prayers...keep them coming!!!!!!