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At the civil affairs office making it official
Today Chen Xiang Ying officially became Louisa Margaret Hatcher! We are thrilled...she is not. Adoption is wonderful but there is a sad side to it as well. Her Nanny was there again today and when Lulu saw her she smiled the biggest smile. Then cried on and off looking for her in the room. Broke my heart. She was loved and she loved back as well. We took her away from all of that...everything she ever knew and loved. Of course it is for the better but she doesn't know that. We also got her clothes she was found in and the note written on red paper found with her.Someone cared enough to write a note with her birthdate on it, someone who might feel saddness over giving her up the rest of their lives. Chenzhou is a Half the Sky orphanage so they keep a "scrapbook" for the future parents. As I was reading what was translated and looking at the pictures my heart broke. She was truly loved there. It might not have been a family but she was loved. I believe the Nanny was sad today too. She also yelled at me for not dressing her warm enough (note in the one picture above the sweat on her head...poor kid was HOT!) When you are in the "interview" portion of the official signing they ask you why you want to adopt from China. Then they asked "Did you know about her feet and hands?" and "Do you still want to adopt her like this?" to which I replied "yes, we knew and that is why we are adopting her." Such a sad question. Lulu was sad today too. Bless her heart...she would look off and then cry and it was a sad cry, almost as if she was thinking about and missing someone special. So we were thrilled she became ours today but the overall theme was saddness. Adoption is about gaining a family but it is also about alot of loss and that is truly heartbreaking. Please pray for her little heart