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Louisa's crib
I can't put into words today. We were not allowed to take the high speed train-a 1 hr ride, because apparently we are not Chinese and only Chinese can ride it during the New Year which apparently is still going on. So we drove the 5-1/2 hr ride to her orphanage. We were greeted so kindly. We were allowed to visit the babies and the older kids. (Chenzhou Mommies-it is impossible to upload pics but I got pics of all your kids and as soon as the internet improves I will send them. I PROMISE!-They are all doing well!) Again, the emotions....wow! For anyone who has ever considered adoption..PLEASE do so. These children are truly loved at this particular orphange...but it is an orphange. The "older" kids broke my heart.The babies will melt your hearts. The nannies were so happy and loving and they all were excited to see Lulu. Watching her nanny say goodbye to her and hugging her was indescribable. When I get home I hope to do a post when I am not so tired and can collect my thought a little better on this day. Once your eyes have been opened.....isn't that Proverbs 24:12? All of us left there changed, broken and changed. Unforgettable. We were afraid how this woud effect Lulu but she was a changed baby on the ride home. Happy, funny, smiley. I think in her baby heart she needed closure? At one point her nanny was holding her and I was feeding her congee. A beautiful moment and one I will always remember. I think Lulu knew with all of us being together that it was ok. It was a day only being there could do it justice.Please pray for the orphans of the world and their caretakers and those that gave them up. They need us!