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Martyr Park
Today we went to Martyr Park. It was really neat, especially decorated for CNY. The red lanterns were everywhere! It was bitter cold with snow flurrying down. Louisa loved it and enjoyed the stroller too...Yipee! We have nicknamed her Sybil.....those of you old enough to remember the movie Sybil about the girl with different personalities....yea, that's our Lulu. She is fine one moment then goes balistic the next. Actally I think she is a bit spoiled and likes her way or no way. She has really opened up and is laughing, being silly, trying to get down and "walk", playing with toys, eating more and for the most part a happy camper! She is just precious and we all have fallen in love with her already!!!! It was a good day at the park, a little mall time looking at all the cute little kids clothes, playtime at the play area in hotel, brief nap and then dinner with our travel companions Jan, Louise and Lainey Grace. Then we met another couple John and Suzanne and their baby Cait, who we met on Gotcha Day, and they joined us too. Tomorrow we are going to the embroidery museum and then off to Guangzhou. We have a late flight so I will try to post but it might be later and it takes forever to upload pics with the slow internet speed....3 hours last night for that post! I am sad to leave her province but looking forward to GZ. We LOVE GZ and the freedom you have staying on the island and being able to walk around.There is a Starbucks and I will be there 1st thing!!!!! I am looking forward to warmer temps there too. SO COLD HERE! Missing my littles but hear they are doing great! Jaida and Xin we love you and miss you tons. We love Skyping with you guys. Here's a hug and a kiss for each of you. Can't wait untill you meet Lulu...she is a trip! Xin you are going to have to help teach her the rules and Jaida...we taught her how to feed the baby a bottle. She will love playing with you guys! Praising God For His mercies and His faithfulness. Goodnight one last time from Changsha!