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Embroidery museum yesterday,,,amazing-looked like painting
Well today was our 1st day in GZ and it was quite enjoyable. Slept later, great breakfast buffet...have I mentioned we LOVE those, medical exam,paperwork, Starbucks, shopping and dinner out at a great Italian restaurant. The weather was pleasant too. Sybil was a little better today. Shorter tantrums and a longer nap. She stills seems so angry though. Poor baby, I guess I would be too if someone took me from my home, my world, and thrust me into antoher with strangers. She doesn't know we have loved her for 8 months. She just knows we are the cause to all her angst at this point. We need continued prayers for her little heart to feel loved and secure. She is just as cute as a button when she is not mean. She is smart and catches on to things quickly. She loves her sippy cup. She will play with anything..especially trash-ya know like empty chip bags. She is a good eater and will eat anything. She swings her little feet when she is content.  She loves to feel her  own skin and pulls her pants and shirt up to feel her legs and tummy. She can do ANYTHING with those sweet little nubs aka fingers-unbelievable! So tomorrow we are off to a safari and to celebrate Sam's 10th birthday! How can that be? Double digits! Have a great Saturday everybody!