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Starting out
Praising God for a "Joy..ful" day today! Seriously we had a wonderful day. First of all we were celebrating Sam's 10th birthday. We chose the safari park for this occasion and just LOVED it! The habitats were cool and the animals awesome. Alot of difffernt animals then we have at home...pandas, white tigers, hippos, red pandas, the world's only twin koala bears. "Joy" was with us the whole day and "Helga" only made a few brief appearances...yahooo! Thanking God for this as we really needed the encouragement!She and I had a real good bonding day too....only a few swats to my face and alot of letting me hold her, kiss her, laughing, and rocking her before bedtime. She pulled up to standing several times on the bus today and we all clapped and she was so proud of herself. She fed us her beloved Cheerios and I got her to belly laugh out loud, she liked her bath too. Cherishing these good moments and praying they continue! We ended our day with dinner at Lucy's with our travel companions to celebrate the birthday boy...complete with chocolate birthday milkshake, singing and candle blowing out (we borrowed it from the table top). And now as I am typing the hotel just brought up a cake for Sam...so sweet! We love you Sam and Happy 10th Birthday! We are so blessed by you!!! Goodnight USA and have fun watching the Super Bowl!