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Cake from the hotel..ordered by our sweet guide
Another fabulous day! Consulate appt to finish the US side of the paperwork bright and early this a.m. We caught the kick-off of the Super Bowl and then the last 9 minutes. Sam was thrilled his team won. So funny to hear it in Chinese...we missed the commercials though, only Chinese commercials.Then we walked around the island, took pictures, visited Starbucks again, took Red Couch photos and finished the night with dinner out at a Thai restaurant. Lulu continus to blossom...she loves to try to stand and even puuled up and took steps along couch by herself...she needs something to keep those little feet straight though, she crawled, she babbles, she laughs and shreiks with delight and she interacts so much with us now. She has given Will the cold shoulder though, poor guy! She even loved her bath tonight and played until the water got cold. She loves for me to sing and rock her at bedtime. Unbelievable what a difference a week makes...one week ago today we got her. Praising God for a very doable trip this time. Now we really need the prayers as the 16 hr flight is around the corner. We leave China tomorrow on the 5:00pm train to Hong Kong where we will spend the night and then catch a flight out Wed. am for home. So this is our last night in 3 of our childrens' homeland. It is bittersweet as always...sad to leave but glad to come home too. We love the people of China and it is always so fascinating the difference in the cultures. I know we will be back.....I am hoping the next time it will be for a mission trip. I would NEVER have imagined 5 years ago that I would have been here THREE times to adopt...NEVER would have imagined. But God has big plans for our lives, wonderful plans, scary and hard sometimes but wonderful too! We are so grateful He pursued us and led us to this little firecracker. We adore her already!What we would have missed out on had we NOT listened to HIm..I will try to post from Hong Kong once we get settled. Can't wait to see everyone and introduce the little squirt to you all. She is a character and has a mean right hook! So beware..... So goodnight one last time from Guangzhou China!