I asked my agency several questions and we were lucky enough to get these answers.  Although it does raise some questions.  We were told that Jilliana has a repaired cleft lip and hearing loss. Yet the SWI's answers to my questions says she does not have hearing loss.  We do know that God can do miracles.  We are still going with the idea that she has hearing loss that requires hearing aids, but if we find out that it is not that severe we will be so thankful.  Hearing tests were done in China by the family that disrupted.

Here are our questions and the answers.

1.  What has the state of her health been since the last medicals done in December 2008?
Since the last medical exam in 2008, she has been very healthy.
2.  Has she had many ear infections?
Her ears have never been infected.
3.  I asked was a Tympanogram ever done on Jihong?
She doesn't use a hearing aid.
This was a question that my son-in-law (going to be an audiologist) told me to ask.  I don't think they knew what it was or it got lost in the translation.
4.  What is her present height and weight?
Height 90 cm  Weight 12kg   Foot 14.5cm  Teeth 17
5.  Have any further hearing tests been done?
6.  Does she have a favorite Nanny or someone she is close too?
She doesn't have any favorite nanny but she likes all the nannies.
7.  Does she show affection and how does she show it?
She likes to kiss the nannies who take care of her.
I cannot wait for that!
8.  Does she have a favorite playmate?
Her best friends are Qin Xiao Ming and Qin Xia Yun who sleep next to her.
9.  Does she prefer to play alone or in a group?
She likes to play with other children together.
10. What does she like to do? or play with?
She likes to wear new clothes and shoes.  She likes to play with bear.
Oh, no Daddy another clothes horse like Emma!
11. Does she make eye contact?
She makes eye contact with the nannies.
12. Can she follow simple directions? ex. put the book away?
She can follow some simple directions of her nannies. For example: put the plastic toys into the bag, put the fabric toys on the cupboard.
13. Does she imitate behavior? clap hands when the nanny does, copy a circle with a pencil or crayon?
She can imitate her nanny's clapping or simple behaviors.  She can use some crayons to draw some lines on the walls.
Oh, boy!  Drawing on the walls?
14. Can she recognize and point to body parts? Nose, eyes, feet?
She can recognize and point to any body parts.
15. Can she say any words or phrases? If so what?
She can say lots of words and phrases to show her needs.  such as: have a meal, pee, please help, this is mine (Oh she will really fit in here!) clean hands, drink milk.
Does this sound like a child that cannot hear?
16. Does she show any signs of not being able to hear? ex. does not look when a loud noise is made?
We don't think she has any hearing problems or she is deaf.  She can understand our talking when we talk to her in a normal voice.
We will not really know about this until we actually get to Jilliana and have her tested.  Miracles happen and this little one has many praying for her.  Whatever the outcome we know that God loves Jilliana and  she is just perfect.
17. Is she potty trained? day? night?
She doesn't use diaper.  She is potty trained.  If she wants, she will tell the nanny.  She goes to pee before she goes to bed.  She doesn't go pee while she is sleeping.
18. What name do you call her and what does it mean?
Nannies usually call her  "Ji hong" or "Dou dou" is her nickname.  It means "little dot".
How cute!  Someone else translated it as meaning "little bean"
19. What makes her happy?
She likes to play with her little friends and she likes to play in the yard.  She will be very joyful if you encourage her.
Looks like another outdoor girl!
20. What makes her angry?
When other children take her toys away, she will be very angry and tell her nannies.
That is an everyday occurrence at our house!
21. Is she afraid of anything?
She is afraid of strangers and strangeness places.
Me too!
22. What makes her stop crying?
If you hold and console her she will stop crying.

We feel so lucky to have had this many answers to our questions.  We are so glad that Jilliana is in a place that seems to really care for her.  We don't know the answers to her hearing, but these answers give us hope that her language is developing and that she does have some hearing.

Jilliana Elise (August 2010)
"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them."
                       Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady