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May 26, 2008

          Our First Day as a Family!!!

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      Just a short post - turned long as we continued into Tuesday.  We are all well, and very tired.  Jillian was brought in to us, and was very quiet.  She did not shed a single tear.   She came right to us, and was very fascinated with her daddy and her mommy.  She is very active, had her first bottle - a whopping 4 oz, and has some mosquito bites on her face and hand. 

      We got a few smiles, and some giggles.  She took a 35 minute nap, and is a little wheezy.  The doctor checked her, and she is just fine.

      She is just beautiful!  She has a lot blond hair,and hazel eyes.

             Dad, Mommy would have just loved her!!  I tried to email you, however, email would not send.  I am able to receive emails. 

      She's active and babbling in her crib,and, we're just waiting for her to fall asleep.  She's had a very long day.  Meanwhile, her daddy is already fast asleep!

Tuesday, May 27,2008.

      We survived our first night.  She just flipped around all over the crib, loves to kick her feet up, and rest them on the rails. This girl is fascinated with everything.  Loves to touch and feel all kinds of textures.  She also loves to look all around her.  Every sound captures her attention.  She opens her eyes, looks at us with fascination.  She loves to touch our faces, and grab on to our fingers.   She has a really good grip too!!

        However, I'm a bad Mommy!  First diaper went on back wards!  Second diaper, I tore off the tabs.  When we went back to the Office of foreign marriage and adoption, I forgot to put the memory card in the camera (no pun intended!), and of course, I forgot the video camera back at the room!!!

         Thank goodness for Anna, our agent here in China, as well as the SWI Director!!  They saved the day!!  They had their cameras all ready to go.  Just have to wait for their emails with photos attached.  So we do not have any photos of today's events :(

       We are holed up in the room for the rest of the day, as there is a torrential rainstorm with thunder and lightning!!!  It looks to have passed for the most part. 

        The SWI Director gave us a most precious gift today!!!  A photo album put together with loving care containing the most beautiful site we ever saw!!!  Priceless photos at different ages during her life there.   Also, we were presented the another most valuable gift, that being our baby girl's Original Finding Ad!!!  Of course these things pale in comparison with the most precious gift of all, that being our beautiful baby girl!!!!!!  She is napping right now, and we just can't take our eyes off her!!!  Also,we donated most of the clothes we brought with us to the SWI.  Believe it or not, they were to small!!  We have a big girl on our hands!!!  She's also a gassy young lady...good thing we brought gas relief drops!!!  She could make her own jacuzzi with all that gas.

    Uncle Gary, as this little angel sleeps, Mommy and Daddy are having what else for lunch, but, Japanese food we got for take-out from the Japanese restaurant in the hotel!!!  BTW, we did have Peking duck last night for dinner - which was very good, but would have been better if we had eaten at the restaurant instead of having take-out.

       We made another trip to Walmart today.  This time it was less crowded because it was a working day.  Also this time we had Anna as our guide and translator.  We got a new umbrella stroller, some fruit juice to entice this little lady, as well as a couple of Chinese Barbie DVDs and a CD of Children's Chinese music.  Of course, we couldn't resist picking up a new dress for our little beauty!  Tried a Diet Coke today, it had a pull tab, and tasted very sweet.  Can't wait to have a real diet Coke from home!!

     Daddy is fast asleep again, and our little strawberry is starting to stir. She's babbling and playing with her blanket. 

     Still waiting for the first POOP!!  Will try to post again later.......

     Okay....That's it......I am definitely NOT winning the Mommy of the Year Award!!!!  What did I do now???  I tried to put the top up on our new Disney Mikey Mouse stroller, and, I put a small teal in the fabric.  Bad, bad, bad Mommy!!!

     Dear Auntie Caryn,  I just love my new green blanket!!!  It is ever so soft, and, I love to touch it!!!!  Love Always, Jillian Rose