Thursday started with the Brocade Museum
May 29, 2008

       Thursday started off with another successful Poop!!!  We're happy to see that things are moving in the right direction!!

       All cleaned up, and after a bit of breakfast, we were off to the Brocade Museum.

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Weaving looms at the Brocade Museum

         Nanjing is well known for it's brocade.  We purchased a couple of framed pieces,as well as, some brocade pouches for Jillian to have as a special reminder of where she came from.  We also went back to the Confucius Temple Market to purchase some pearls for when Jillian is older.

        Jillian continues to draw lots of smiles and attention everywhere we go, and she's been such a good girl no matter where we go. 

        Aunt Mary, This girl likes her food piping hot just like you and me (Jan)!!!

        Auntie Caryn, are you sure you're not in China??  We see signs of you every witch way we turn!!!

       Also, Jillian got her very own Chop Chop today.  Her Chinese name carved into a stone to make a rubber stamp image.