Happy First Birthday, Jillian Rose
September 01, 2008

     Happy 1st Birthday Jillian Rose!

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What's that????

      Here's wishing our baby girl her very first happy birthday!  What a special day for all of us.  Jillian enjoyed the usual traditions a first birthday should bring. 

     Naturally, there was a cake, party hats, and presents.  We sang happy birthday, blew out a candle and Jillian loved it all right down to ripping the paper off her presents and eating her cake. 

     As much as we are overjoyed on this special occasion, our hearts go out to a Mother somewhere in China who is missing her baby. 

     Jillian was placed at the entrance of a park.  According to her finding ad, she was found by the police on September 17, 2008, at 2 am and was brought to a pediatric hospital.  She was found to be in good health, and, her birthday was estimated to be September 1, 2008. 

     After she was checked over in the hospital, Jillian was placed in the care of the Xuzhou Social Welfare Institute.  They named her Chu Fang Jing which means red, sweet smelling and bright.  She was called Jing Jing by her caregivers.

     Jillian was given good care in the two weeks before she was placed in the park.  We cannot imagine the circumstances and great risk that compelled a mother to place her baby in a location that she would be found. 

     We are grateful and overjoyed that this beautiful baby was given to our care.  We wish that there was a way to let this Mother know that her baby is healthy, thriving and well cared for.  Her baby now has a Mom and Dad, a Papa and a Nana, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins who lover her very much.  She will be given every opportunity and support to succeed in life.

    We have so much love for this baby, and can't imagine our lives without her.  Jillian colors our world!