Well, God was certainly with us and we felt all the prayers! Xin walked in and said all our names and sat on my lap. He did alot of staring but did interact some too. Then it was time to leave and the tears started...... it was heartwrenching and we all cried too. He repeated over and over again all the way to the hotel."I want to go back home." He cried a deep sad cry that broke our hearts. We made it into the room and started pulling out all the "tricks"........ after a few minutes later we got some smiles with Cheerios, water and Mommy being silly. He never looked back. He laughed, played, interacted, fed us all, called us by name, and fed us some more. This is a BIG sign of acceptance. He had some crackers in a bowl and there was 1 left, he looked at it, broke it in half, and gave the half to Jaida and ate the other part.SO sweet!!!!! He is very tender hearted and sweet and shares and really likes being with us. We have had no more tears.....so far. God was here!He is VERY smart and catches on to everything very quickly! We are amazed! He was well taken care of and loved. Praise God.We had to go to the civil affairs office to sign the final papers and when we got back to the room he ran to see Sam, Nana and Poppy and called their names-he missed them. Jaida keeps petting him and he watches out for her, always making sure she has what he has. He loved the snacks, playdoh, and stickers and cars and also eating out at the restaraunt. The day could not have gone better. Again, Praise God! Please keep the prayers coming.....they are working! We loved reading the comments and it sure did help our nervoushearts this morning. We miss you all!

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