Today we went to the zoo. We awoke very early-2:30 am to be exact-the jet lag is killer. Xin slept thru the night and woke up all smiles. After consuming plates full of food he was ready to go. The zoo was huge with many different animals. I must say, I'll take the Columbia Zoo any day. The habitats were pretty sad. The pandas were cool. Xin loved it and discovered that he LOVES to be carried!!! And wow is he heavy! Will and Poppy took turns. We ate lunch at a great place that served incredible dumplings. As we were leaving, I took my turn to carry Xin the short distance to the bus and he turned my head and kissed my cheek and then smiled REAL big! Wow, what 24 hours does! He also tells us he loves us when we tell him, in Chinese of course. He has been giving kisses all afternoon. We are worn out and hope to make it to at least 4:00 am tonight! It was cold today and very smoggy. Tomorrow we have a morning of appointments-boring. We thank you for all the prayers, they are so comforting!!!

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